Events Calendar / 1990-2000

Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. designed, performed, and implemented upgrades of the 9A33BM OSA (SA-8), the 2K12KUB (SA-6), the 2K11KRUG (SA-4), and the S 200 WEGA (SA-5) missile systems, adapting them to the conditions of the modern battlefield. The Company implemented repairs of chassis of standard military vehicles and of new equipment, including new types of missile systems and all their equipment.

1992-1995 - overhaul of wheel and track chassis
1992-1994 - overhaul of 2K11KRUG (SA-4), 9A33BM2 OSA (SA-8) Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems
1992-1996 - overhaul of R-325, R-378, R-388, R-330 HF jammers
1994-1996 - development and production of dynamic air dehumidifiers for the protection of military armament and equipmen
1994-1996 - overhaul DANA, RM-70, BM-21, PION artillery
1995-1996 - overhaul of 9P148 and 9P151 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles Launchers
1996-1998 - overhaul of 9K79 TOCHKA Tactical Rocket System
1996-1997 - overhaul of S-200WE Long-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile System
1997 - development and production of SOKA 11 Service Station for Aircraft Accumulator Batteries
1998 - development of RSKP GROM Mobile Control and Measuring Station in co-operation with the Military Institute of Technical Armament.
1999-2001 - overhaul of K1 KRAB Combat Command System
1999 - development and upgrade of 2K12KUB (SA-6) Anti-Aircraft Missile System
2000 - development and upgrade of 2K11KRUG (SA-4) Anti-Aircraft Missile System